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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: 8-Bit font Doesn't Work across platforms!!

I'm sorry if i've sound too harsh in the last email

But i think these problems with file formats transfer across different
platforms can be resolved, unless it's due to faults in software

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, George Hart wrote:

> >I'm sorry to say that this is totally wrong!
> I'm sorry to say this is not totally wrong -- the fact is, different
> encodings are a can of worms.  For your information, I am using screen
> fonts.  And some programs do mapping, others do not, so what will work with
> one set of programs will break with another.  Lasso, which Claris has now
> incorporated into Filemaker 4, automatically remaps all the upper 128
> before sending text out on the net, while WEB FM, which I use, does not.
> George Hart

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