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Re: [WMASTERS] Response to Kumar

At 12:42 AM 9/12/97 +1000, Bala Pillai wrote:

>>	I am enjoying the beauty of democracy here.  This is George Hart's
>>	definition of concensus.
>Dear Anu,
>Come on Anu...there is a big difference between George's "*I see* the
>consensus as" and your quantum leap to   "a consensus has been reached".
>The operative words are "I see".

I would like to remind Bala and everybody else that the inclusion of
grantha letters is a political dynamite.  Dr. Anu represents a view that
will resonate with a lot of people in Tamil Nadu.  We need to be
scrupulously fair to his view points.  That his opinion is in the minority
in this mailing list does not mean that there will be a consensus on this
in Tamil Nadu.  If the standards makers can be tarred (it is easy, quite a
few of them are westerners and the others are brahmins), the standard will
die a quick death in Tamil Nadu.

The Western Universities and other foreign software makers may agree on a
draft standard and go on with that.  But the 800 pound guerilla here is the
Tamil Nadu government.  It is in the process of computerising government
records, and the government will become the largest Tamil software user.  I
want to see this effort succeed.  To help the Tamil Nadu comittee, I want
to see this discussion and all the prior discussions available at some
website.  Every conclusion that was reached and the technical and practical
reasons for them along with any dissent that was voiced should be recorded.
 This discussion cannot be blind to the political realities.  I am sure
none of us want the blood of some poor soul who might want to self-immolate
protesting what is after all a stupid computer encoding scheme not worth
the life of even one human being.

I urge everybody to be hypersensitive to such possibilities.

Bala, I can't find the Webmasters discussion on the Tamil.Net web.  Can you
post the URL for that.  If possible, provide a link to Dr. Kalyan's table.

 . ׯ

Mani M. Manivannan
Fremont, CA, USA.

    ݍ -   Only a sculptor knows a sculpture's flaws

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