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Re: [WMASTERS] Response to Kumar

At 09:34 AM 9/11/97 -0400, Anukanth Anumanthan wrote:
>On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, George Hart wrote:
>> I agree with most of what Kumar has said.  I would, however, like to keep
>> kS and sri, as they tend to be useful.
>> Obviously, there is no ideal solution.  Everyone has a slightly different
>> view.  I see the consensus as follows:
>> 1. Use an 8-bit set, like INaimathi.
>> 2. Keep the grantha characters.
>> 3. Do not keep the old-style ligatures (lai, etc.)
>> 4. Keep the final consonants (with the puLLi).
>> Note that this is just about exactly what Muthu's font already has.  Why
>> not just settle on it as a standard?  Anything we decide will go by the
>> boards, anyway, when unicode becomes universally implemented.
>> George Hart
>	I am sorry to see your statement "a concensus has been reached."
>	And you have included the statement "Keep the grandha Characters".
>	I like you to verify your statement of concensus.
>	I am enjoying the beauty of democracy here.  This is George Hart's
>	definition of concensus.

Dear Anu,

Come on Anu...there is a big difference between George's "*I see* the
consensus as" and your quantum leap to   "a consensus has been reached".
The operative words are "I see".

Let's be very very careful in quoting anybody in this very sensitive issue.
I emphatise with your conviction and frustration. However, may I gently
suggest that even without repetition, your contention (and the divide) is
crystal clear.  

Can I also gently urge that we all honour everybody's right to their
opinion sans innuendo. It is the objective of many of us to affect the
outcome - I do not see innuendo furthering the proponent's  cause.

I'm afraid, if it is to be, it will be, and if it is not to be, it will not
be......this round that is. 


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