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Fwd: [tamil.net] Re: [WMASTERS] Equivalent tamil words for keywords in C & Basic

Dear Sujatha,

Thanks for pointing out re. the compilers.  While there *is* this 
problem of reinventing the wheel, there is also another problem
of *not* knowing which wheel has been invented ;-) and how to get
hold of that into our *wagon* :-)

We talked about a common website (repository) for all research
work done on/in/for Tamil during the last TamilNet97 conference.
Any updates on this ? Would could work on a *process* of submission
so that any one who has an invention to *give away* will be able
to write in :-)

If any member of either list would like to contact the originators
of the compiler/interpretor - are there any pointers as of now ?



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Dear Muthu 
A C language  compiler  and Basic Interpreter in Tamil has alredy been
by Mr prasanna of Pondicherry University Our friends from IIT Delhi should
refer to that work and aviod re inventing the wheel. This is the bane of
all research work in Tamil EVERYBODY re invents
RE the transliteration scheme I d be happy If all of us somehow agree on
ONE of the existing schemes The Asian Instt's scheme appears to be the
and it is now being used in their Lexicon scheme and History of Tamil
Literature  I d like to have Prof Schiffmanns view on this


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