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Re: font encoding -possible slot assignments for glyphs

I agree, we should have both the symbols.  Besides web pages, it also
shows up in Electronic newsletters sent via email ;-)

Also, do we need the 'bullet' symbol that most HTML editors automatically
assign with intentation tags ?  Can't remember which slot that is in. Do
the EUC character sets incorporate this as well ?


P.S. Pardon the cross posting.  As this is an important process, 
     we thought it should be given enough attention.  Some of us 
     are in all three ;-) may be we should standardise the 
     "tamil-technical" email list first huh !

--- Kok Yong wrote ---

Is the 'copyright' and 'All rights reserved' symbol required or important 
Because by not including it, web publisher will not be able to use this
symbol in their web page. The copyright symbol is at ASCII 169. The 'all
rights reserved' symbol is at 174.
The problem will be more obvious when the this font is used to view an
English-only page containing such symbols. The symbol will be display as a
Tamil character at that code point.

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Dr.K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:

> Dear Friends:
> To keep advancing in our discussions for a possible standard 
> font-encoding scheme for tamil, I have now put up a gif image file 
> that shows possible tamil character glyphs that can go in the
> future (standard) font encoding scheme (font) for tamil. The 
> URL reference is:
>     http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5180/charset1.gif

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