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Tamil Web Page for Kids - First International Competition

Deadline for submission of the completed project is extended to  September  21, 2002, 11:59 PM PST (California time).
This is the first-ever international competition organized by INFITT to promote Tamil content creation on the internet by school children. This is an online project in which children from various schools across the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Europe and the rest of the world over will make projects based on their images of Tamil.

The idea is that children, in the process, would develop new ways of seeing the Tamil language and Tamil culture around them and at the same time get exposed to the power of creating web pages in Tamil and vast educational resources on the web. Children must have active, creative participation rather than passive except perhaps to acquire basic skills. The projects may be built by Teams or Individuals. 

IMPORTANT: The web pages should be in Tamil and cover topics related to Tamil, Tamil Nadu, culture, history, and future of Tamil as outlined in the categories below.

Project Categories

Please select one of the following 10 categories for your entry.

To help you get started, some initial questions and starter activities are provided.

We encourage schools to coordinate with other schools in their area so that each school picks a different category rather than choose identical topics. This project should increase the variety of Tamil based content available on the internet with an emphasis on originality.

Our Tamil Heritage
Design a website that showcases our Tamil Heritage describing the civilization and cultural influences of Tamil across the centuries (you may describe Tamil literature, Kingdoms, morals, values and ethics as described by Tamil literature and history, folk stories/poems/art forms, etc.)

Local Music, Art, Craft forms
Design a website that showcases local music and musicians or art forms that are important elements of the community experience (i.e. dance, festivals, songs, ceremonies, sculpture, painting, crafts).

People that inspired me/us
Design a website that identifies famous or important people in your community (i.e. scientists, poets, leaders, authors, artists, musicians, sports figures etc.)

A Book that inspired me/us
Design a website that describes a book that inspired you and why (e.g. ThirukkuRaL, Ponniyin Celvan, etc.)
Place that I/we love
Design a website that showcases the place that you love (your hometown, school, river, beach, mountain, place of worship, monument, etc. )
Wonders of the World
Design a website that describes ancient or modern wonders of the world in Tamil. ( Tajmahal, Pyramids, etc.)
Wonders of the Sky
Design a website that describes the wonders of the sky with an astronomical perspective (planets, Moon, Asteroids, Metors, stars, Hubble Telescope, etc.)

Tamil as a global citizen
Most of the Tamils live in multi-ethnic nations and are strongly infludenced by multiculturalism. Design a website that showcases the Tamil diaspora describing the experiences of Tamils settled all over the world with families scattered across the globe. (you may describe the experiences of your relatives, friends, teachers, etc.)
Sports that Tamils Enjoy
Design a website that showcases sports that Tamils enjoy participating in and watching. (you may describe Tamil sports stars of the past or present, kabaddi, cricket, soccer, tennis, mountain climbing, etc.)

Design a website that introduces computers and internet. Explain why computers and internet are useful, describe the tools available in Tamil and in English, point to resources available on the internet. (You may describe Tamil Virtual University, Project Madurai, Tamil Heritage Foundation, University lessons online, search engines, web based e-mails, web page creation tools, web magazines, chat programs, video conference programs, internet radio programs, etc.)

The themes give an opportunity to the team members and individuals to combine research with their personal experiences such as visits to places, and conversations with people.

By meshing their experiences with broader facts culled from research in libraries/museums and on the Net, the team members and individuals enhance their ability to integrate personal experience with broader data to see the bigger picture.

Mode of presentation
Children can present their projects in the form of the written word, with children's stories, rhymes, art, games, self drawn illustrations, photographs, and animated sound and picture clips, the teams can create a fascinating 3-D architecture on the web, pulsating with the energy of their experiences. They can create educational web pages. The Web pages should be in Tamil.

Contact : Vetriselvi Rajamanickam
Phone: (408) 741 0612
Email :