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[WMASTERS] ISCII-91 chart now on Web


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For those of you who are still wondering on the exact
composition of ISCII-91 encoding scheme, I have now put up
the contents in the form of a table under the url

ISCII-91 is a 8-bit scheme (common encoding for all
indian languages) with standard ASCII roman
letters in their usual (first 128 slots) and "tamil" or other
indian languages in the upper 128 berth.
As indicated, the grantha letters under debate are at the slots:
ja(186), zha(211), sha (213), ksha (214), sa(215) and ha (216)
These appear along with tamil vowels and consonants and before
the slots given to the modifiers for aa, i, ii, u, uu etc.
ISCII-91 is the current operational standard. Apple is using
it in its current Multi-language kit for indian market.

I would like to correct on what I stated earlier on ISCII-97.
The presentation of Anbu Arasan at the TamilNet'97 does give
the content of ISCII-97 in the form of the table. See his paper:
The contents of ISCII-97 are essentially the same as ISCII-91 
but with some reassignments.
"OM" has been given a specific slot in addition to all the granthas.
May be Naa. Govindasamy could comment if the draft ISCII-97
he has mentioned in his posting has many significant revisions 
to what is given in Anbu Arasan's paper.



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