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Re: [WMASTERS] First Tamil Fonts


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*Selva writes:
*>As I've said many times, we need to write an authentic
*>history of tamil computing ( Prof. Hart might be
*>surprised to know there were tamil even in PDP-11
*>computers and CP/M based systems) where due credit
*>and recognition will be enshrined.
*Sorry, Selva -- I didn't know that!  I take back what I said about being
*the first to implement Tamil fonts.  It's not a big deal to me -- many
*people have contributed, and I have made a small contribution too.  That's
*what counts.  George

       Prof. Hart, no it was not to dilute your pioneering work.
       Yours is as far as I know is the first on Mac. My intention
       was to point out the need to record the developments without
       sleighting any worthwhile contributions. Such 'historical'
       accounts are unfortunately not common in tamil. Especially
       with supporting documents.

       Most of the new developments occur or inventions 
       done in a context of need and often it is a few or
       few groups that lead. As you graciously state many contribute
       a few pioneering groups that advance the ideas due to the
       opportunities..to new developments. 
       or a few pioneering groups that advance the ideas
       Hope I'm not misunderstood. 

       anbudan selvaa


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