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Re: [WMASTERS] Standards


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iNaiya naNbarkaLE,

   I hope people will listen to moving words of Prof. Hart,
Nagu and Ramani. I echo the same feeling. What we as Tamils
and people devoted to Tamil have to think hard is what is the
best we can adopt as a standard. This standard, as pointed out
many times, should be something people will use. It is not
a 'rocket science' or 'Gutenberg phenomenon'. I understand
the attachement or a desire to wanting to adopt 'our' method.
We all want a 'universally' acceptable standard so that we can
*USE* it to do the things we have been dreaming of doing.
As I've said many times, we need to write an authentic
history of tamil computing ( Prof. Hart might be
surprised to know there were tamil even in PDP-11
computers and CP/M based systems) where due credit
and recognition will be enshrined. 

Our primary goal NOW should be how can we make the standard
as 'powerful' and as versatile as possible. There
should be some rational considerations. 

Once a standard had been established, one can see
huge amounts of tamil material available in the
electronic form. Many coversion softwares will be
put to use to convert from one system to the 
'universal standard' sytem etc.

I'll earnestly appeal to all to UNDERSTAND the need of the
hour and FACILITATE the standard setting process.
Once a standard is there let us show our 'competetive
skills' in building thesaurus or 100s and 1000s of fonts
sepecialized dictionaries and numerous other things..
We're only about 50-60 million people ( although
only a few hundred are here 'listening and loudly thinking')
and we need to conserve our energies and direct them in
a constructive manner. 

lets move!

anbudan selvaa

P.S. Bala, thanks for your kind words.

P.S.II Important point: We need to take care to see that
       the standards are presented to ALL major Tamil
       communities - Tamil nadu, Tamil Eelam/Sri Lanka,
       Malaysia, Singapore. It is my fervent hope that
       the Tamil Nadu Standardization Committee will 
       in consultation with other government bodies and
       reputable groups ensure that the standards are
       acceptable to all groups. It is not an easy task, but
       an earnest attempt should be made and interests of
       Tamil and our cultural future should be kept in


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