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Re: [WMASTERS] Standards


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At 05:06 PM 10/4/97 -0400, you wrote:
>To WhomeSoEver It May Concern,
>For The Benefit Of Our Mother Tamil,
>Please Bring In All The Best Technical Points Of Your Own Encoding
>Lets Make A Standard TOGETHER. Its OUR Standard And Nobody's.
>With Lots And Lots Of LOVE,

Dear all,
        Please allow to poke my nose once here. I agree with Nagu in this
point; I have been here for months as a back bencher since I neither know
encoding nor much knowledge in Tamil grammer; But, at this point I do want
to raise my voice on this 'groupism', before withdrawing to my seat again.
At this stage, Is it important to fight whose fonts have much web sites? If
one feels he/she has done much, it is fine to point it out and try to look
and walk front together with others, if he/she does really want to do
something for Tamil. There is no need to dig the past more than it urges to
make it as the main issue. 
        Our goal, here, is converging (if not reaching) to an agreement, not
contesting for the past glory. Noone has deprive another's dignity, glory
and respect, unless the second one him/herself gives it up. So, let's forget
about the 'gone with the winds' and please turn your attention 'back to the

Thanks for listening.


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