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Re: [WMASTERS] total Tamil Internet solution


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>Naa Govindasamy wrote :
>George Hart wrote:
>> Enough of inferiority complexes, social transformations, etc. etc.  Let's
>> settle on a standard so we can all use it.  My suggestion: I see nothing
>> whatsoever wrong with Inaimathi as an interim standard until Unicode is
>> universally adopted (2 or 3 years?)
>Dear George 
> you have all the right to suggest Inaimathi font to be the interim
>standard. I only found emotional attachment in your suggestion. As an
>academic we should go for facts. from  your mail, I understood that you
>are not well informed of the facts that is surrounding the  Technology
>which made Total Tamil Internet Solution possible on Internet. These are
>the facts:

I will add some relevant information that should also be considered.

The TamilNet encoding is totally proprietary to select indviduals 
and was not allowed to be used by local Malaysian and Singapore
developers despite repeated requests. Even now, this copyright is 
selectively enforced.

So, what is the point of all this development below in the context of 
WMASTERS? How is this going to benefit us now?? In contrast,
Muthu's and Kalyan's fonts, and their technology is readily available to 
everybody to use even now!!

Further it should be noted that Muthu's and Kalyan's work has not 
been funded by anyone and is done by individuals whose full time 
jobs are not even remotely related to Tamil !!!

But, I have to agree that Inaimathi should not be the standard set now
as has already been explained in detail by Bala and even Muthu himself.

>1.  TamilNet Font encoding, from Singapore is the technology that made
>Total Tamil Internet solution possible, when it was officially launched
>in Singapore on 2 Feb 1996. (http://irdu.nus.sg/tamilweb)
>2.  Prior to the official launch, the prototype  of the TamilNet font
>was made public on Internet, when  H.E. Mr Ong Teng
> Cheong, President, Republic of Singapore,   launched 
>   PoemWeb,  (http://irdu.nus.sg/poem)  on 27 October 1995.
>3.  TamilNet font from Singapore is the encoding that made the Total
>Internet solution possible for the Tamil Language. ( George, for your
>info, Inaimathi font came to Internet only in May 1996, that is three
>months after TamilNet encoding was made public on internet!)
> When I collaborated with Internet Research and Development Unit of NUS,
>to do Internet Research on Tamil Language, we aimed at the Total
>Internet solution. That is :
>1.  the technology should work in the three platforms(PC,Mac and Unix)
>2. the technology should be e-mailable  and 
>3. searchable.
> we achieved all these when Tamilweb was officially launched on 2 Feb
> Inaimathi came to internet 3 months later. (may 1996 -
>http://www.murasu.com/anjal.htm). Searchable  was only made possible,
>two weeks before the TamilNet97 conference. (I pointed this in one of
>the paper presentation session.) 
>On Unicode:
> George , in Singapore , we have already implemented Unicode pages in
>Tamil. in six months time , the whole Sangam Literature will be
>available in the Unicode.
> Visit our Unicode page for more details.(
>http://www.irdu.nus.sg/tamilweb/sangam/tamil_unicode.html) we are also
>in the process of developing some tools for Tamil Unicode. wait for our
>  I note that Apple's new file system
>> will be Unicode compliant and even has a language number for Tamil (14).
>> So here's what I'd like to hear:
>> Are there any reasons why Inaimathi is seriously flawed?  Exactly what
>> flaws can be fixed by a new standard?  No long rambling discourses, please;
>> succinct, clear answers.
>> We need to stop worrying about glyphs, spelling systems, philosophy, caste,
>> etc. etc., and do something we can actually accomplish.  So how about it?
>> I'd like to set a deadline of ONE WEEK for a final system.  We can vote for
>> it -- anyone who has contributed a few thoughts on this forum is eligible
>> to vote.  Myself, I'll vote for anything that works!  And I suggest the
>> Inaimathi coding because there's already a large body of stuff in it.
>George, you are wrong. Mylai and TamilNet font encodings have large
>amount of stuff. Visit http://www.kanian.com/Tamilnews  
> to know what kind of materials available on TamilNet encodings.
> Whole Kambaramayanam  will be available in TamilNet & Unicode 
>encoding, in a year time from Singapore.
>Naa Govindasamy
>  G.
>> Hart
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