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Re: [WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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anbuLLu naagu:

  Please read on.. 
*I really dont see any use in having "Ksha". After raising
*my opposition for some time.....I thought we should not be
*delaying the standardization effort....also as Muthu had
*put it, it does not cause any ambiguity in the system....so..
*...gave the green signal...
*Still, I honestly feel that its a WASTE of one position. Ksha
*is very much a combined writing style. It does not represent
*anything unique. When there is only "k" and "sha" are available
*and when people know that there is no separate "ksha", they will
*automatically started typing "k"+"sha" for "ksha". I dont think
*it needs any learning process as such.
*When we are talking about simplification of scripts and saving
*positions, I dont know why we should be particular about encoding
*a "!!!!Complicated!!!! Style form" as a character.

      Exactly ! Why should we include this ? What kind of
      fixation is this ?
*Dear Muthu: I am sorry that I did not write a straight answer to
*            your comment. But, please take this as my idea about
*            this issue.

     Thanks for clarifying. I hope Muthu and co will give 'due
     consideration' to at least this one !
*>     Has ANYONE explained why we need tamil numerals 10, 100, 1000
*>     or why tamil fractions were not included.
*Tamil Numerals are added in the Table as "Set of Glyphs". They are
*not really numbers.  They will not be used for Present Day Mathematics.
*10, 100, 1000 are part of Tamil Numerals. So, for the sake of
*we need them.

       I know they are not used as numbers but only as symbols.
       The completeness of what ? Are there not more symbols ? 
*May be TN Govt. Should act now and revise the Tamil Number System. Make
*real Decimal Number System. I guess we dont have 0. So, may be, we
*borrow the roman 0 and remove 10, 100, 1000 from Tamil Numerals. Then
*we can do the Mathematics in Tamil too. I know some people might be
*at me!!!

      No, we should not adopt tamil numeral system !!!
      The Hindu-arabic system is basically an indian system
      and it has significant connection to tamil numeral system.
      I'll try to show in a web page some time later (not soon).
*I really wonder why TN Govt. is really not bothered about the Number
*for Tamil???? Something that can be used for computation.

      TN Govt. is wise in this. But we can use the tamil numeral
      system for some ornamental purposes, say like in the clock etc.
*"Thalaikku MElE VeLLam pOi Vittathu" enru vittu vittarkaLaa???

    anbudan selvaa


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