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[WMASTERS] Machine Tranlsation Project from English to Tamil


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Miss Lakshmi of Singapore has sent me the following email on
her Machine Tranlsation Project from English to Tamil.
If any participants of Webmasters know of any ongoing
project please post here with a copy to Lakshmi at the address
given in her mail.
I guess you need to have first a comprehensive english-tamil
dictionary in machine readable form to use in such translation 


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:48:27 +0800
From: "v.Lakshmi" <v_lakshmi@geocities.com>
Reply-To: v_lakshmi@geocities.com
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0 (Win95; I)
Mime-Version: 1.0
To: kalyanasundaram@epfl.ch
Subject: A Help


	I attended the Tamil Net '97. I am a Software Engineer working for the
Institute of Systems Sciences, National University of Singapore.
I am planning to do a Machine Tranlsation Project from English to Tamil. 
Do you know of anyone who has done or attempted this before?

I am thinking of restricting my domain or the field for the translation
so that I can complete it within an year. Can you suggest to me a domain 
which is easy at the same time useful?  The word domain or field I meant 
is something like Technical Papers, Photography were the vocabulary is
limited and also have a general structure.

If I chose Translating computer manuals as my domain then can you tell
me of resources where I can get Tamil Technical Words?

Sorry, I am troubling you too much with questions? Well, from your
presentation in the Tamil Net and also your home page in geocities, I
thought you will be the right person to clarify my doubts.

Looking forward for your reply,


              o    o    o    o    o    o    o    o
               \_o, \_o, \_o, \_o, \_o, \_o, \_o, \_o,

Software Engineer                 Tel:(65)874 5229
Institute of Systems Science      Fax:(65)774 4998
National University of Singapore  e-mail:vlakshmi@iss.nus.sg
Heng Mui Keng Terrace,Kent Ridge
Singapore 119597


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