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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4


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At 02:24 PM 9/24/97 -0500, K. Srinivasan wrote:
>Dr.K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:
>> Straightforward sorting will be possible only if we have all the
>> 250+ tamil characters individually assigned a glyph code
>> (which is not the case). In the present glyph encoding scheme,
>> some of the uyirmei characters are defined by a single glyph
>> (e.g, akara, ukara varisai), others by two glyphs (e.g. ekara,
>> Ekara varisai) and some by three glyphs (okara and
>> Okara varisai).
>   Sorting of Tamil texts is not a problem with any symbol order
>   and any number of glyphs, if we are prepared to accept some
>   kind of translation table and algorithms.
>If one accepts the fact the YOU ARE GOING TO USE A
>TRANSLATION TABLE/ALGORITHM anyway for keyboard input,
>I can not see a big objection in using another TABLE/ALGORITHM
>for sorting also.

Dear Kalyan and Srinivasan,

It is possible to do straight forward translation. provided we can succeed
in arranging the glyphs in an order.  For example, since the 'kAll()' is
used in the place of 'A()', give a place to it after 'A()' and before
'i()'.  This kind of simple arrangement will work for the glyph succeeding
the main letter.

But for the glyph preceeding main letter like 'kombu('','')', the code
value for these glyphs should be such that 'ko()' is greater than
'kai()'.  But I do not know how to arrange the glyphs so that an automatic
straight forward sort will help.  Why I am saying this is, for database
systems, this is an important and required feature.  If we have employ some
intermediate mapping before the sorting is done, it is going to adversely
affect the performance of the datbase systems as well as we cannot use the
existing datbases.

Or - We will have to live with whatever order the glyph encoding results in
- this will be totally unreasonable and far from what we would like to see

Please correct if I had made some wrong assumptions.

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