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BOUNCE tamilnet@tamilnews.org.sg: global taboo header: /^subject:\s.*\baway from my mail\b/i

>From kokyong  Thu Sep 18 01:25:34 1997
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Date: 18 Sep 97 01:15:32 +0800
From: "Muthu Nedumaran" <MNEDUMAR@sg.oracle.com>
To: tamilnet@tamilnews.org.sg, webmasters@tamil.net
Subject: Temporarily away from my mail
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Dear friends,

Apologies for the wide post - had to do this to be sure that I
address all the folks who sent separate mails requesting for
tech. details/help on font encoding issues - which seem to
occupy the 'whole brain' in most (if not all) of us today ;-)

I'll be leaving for L.A. in a couple of hrs. and may not be
able to access the Net till Saturday. Will get to the nitty-
gritties you've asked for the moment I get back on :-)



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