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Sangam Database on Unicode

Dear friends,

Singapore TamilWeb(http://irdu.nus.sg/tamilweb) project team is
collaborating with the
International Institute of Tamil
Studies(http://www.tamilnews.org.sg/~iit) (IIT) to create a Sangam
Datebase on the WEB. 

The IIT will be providing the translations and the commentaries.
The Singapore team will be responsible for keying in the whole
Sangam Literature. 

The Sangam Literature will be in two encodings - Unicode UTF8 and
Tamilnet/Kanian code. To view pages in Unicode UTF8 encoding,
download the WinMASS Viewer (Windows 3.1 and Windows 95) from

If you would like to read the Puram Text in Old Tamil, you have
to download Alis Tango browser from http://www.alis.com.But it's not 
officially released yet.

This version of Puram is meant mainly for Indexing & Searching.

We hope to upload the full version of Puram Database by the end
of October 1997.

Since Unicode discussion is taking place,
unofficially i am announcing our site to Tamil Netters. (Officially it
will announced  somewhere in October 1997.) 
Tht URL is : http://www.irdu.nus.sg/tamilweb/sangam/tamil_unicode.html 

Good luck.

Naa Govindasamy

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