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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: Old Orthography, response to Kalyan

At 08:47 AM 9/16/97 +1000, Bala Pillai wrote:
>At 06:42 PM 9/15/97 +0000, Dr.K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:
>>Old style numerals were proposed for two reasons:
>> i) to provide compatibility with UNICODE 2.0 and 
>>ii) for possible use in electronic archiving of 
>>ancient tamil literature.
>Kalyan and anybody else who may know:
>How cast in stone is UNICODE 2.0 as it applies to Tamil script? Is it not
>possible that our discussions would affect a revised version of UNICODE 2.X
>? My limited knowledge of UNICODE Tamil deliberations suggest that it did
>not get much (not anybody's fault mind you) airing.

Technically, it'll *not* as Unicode is based *purely* on *characters* and
*not* glyphs.  In that sense, it's complete.  

You may want to check my paper on this during the Singapore conference.

Kok Yong - could you provide the URL please ?  I don't have it handy ;-)



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