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Re: Indian scripts and Unicode

With reference to the message below. C-DAC is promoting a 'standard'
keyboard, called Indscript, which they claim is easy to learn and to
type, however, that is only partially true for North Indian scripts,
for typists who are not trained on QWERTY already. For QWERTY
typist, a pseudo transliterated scheme would be better, while Indscript
has moved some letters that occur in South Indian languages (like
short e and o) to very odd corners of the keyboard, like the place
where ~ is on QWERTY keyboards. 

can somebody give me a reference/information on ISCII 97 mentioned
below. I have the ISCII 91 standard at home. Can somebody summarize
changes and additions.



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>From sujatha@md2.vsnl.net.in Fri Sep 12 17:25 MET 1997

The Tamilnadu Govt;s standardisation effort is aimed at co ordinating the
efforts at Delhi and arrive quickly at a feasible standard for Keyboard
layout and encoding
We have published a kimd of draft which is under discussion now. It
cosists of three parts and acknowledges all the previous effotrtr Our aim
is to protect the interest of the mainland tamils AND the tamils abroad
/The Iscii 97 std is using  a Sansktit or Devanagari based approach which
may not fit well with Tamil  We are closely looking at it.Right now we are
concentrating only on KB layout Other things will hopefully be sorted out
before Tamilnet 98 scheduled to be held in Chennai next year

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