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Re: "Ksha" and "Shri" Was Re: [WMASTERS] Correspondance to Unicode 2.0 (long ! )

One correction in my previous posting.

Plese read the first line in the NOTE as:
     NOTE: I am **NOT** dragging.....

Sorry about that,


Nagarajan Chinnasamy wrote:
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> Dear Dr. Kalyan,
> The equivalent Unicode for Grantha Letters are missing in
> your list.
> I noticed that "Shri" is missing in Unicode standard (If I
> have read it wrong please tell me) itself.
> Unlike other letters sa, sha, ha and ja, "Ksha" is **NOT**
> given a separate code in Unicode(2.0). It goes on to saying
> that "Ksha" is formed using "Ka" + "Pulli Modifier" + "Sha".
> So, it is almost like what I suggested (If I have not read
> anything wrong!!:-)). But there is one difference.
> For eg. to write "Ksho", from what I suggested we will have to
> write it as "k, kombu, sha, kaal" but in Unicode says it should
> be written as "kombu, ksha, kaal".
> So, even unicode did not give a **code** for "Ksha" separately.
> But, to satisfy people(I guess :-)) they just made a
> **rendering rule** that it should be rendered as if it is a
> character by itself.
> NOTE: I am dragging Unicode just to support my point. I see
>       a Logic in what in my point which is still not ack-ed
>       by anybody. My point is: Why should we have an
>       unnecessary/redundant letter/sound in Tamil. Also,
>       its not a original Tamil letter but borrowed.
>       Its very much apparent that, "Ksha" is a result of
>       the style of writing combined letters in Tamil.
> Anybody???
> anbudan,
> nagu.
> ------ stuff deleted -------

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