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Re: [WMASTERS] Response to Kumar

At 07:23 PM 9/11/97 -0400, Nagarajan Chinnasamy wrote:

>After finalizing we should really compare that with InaiMathi.
>If both are same, we should give the credit to Muthu
>for his work. Otherwise, it would be really unfair.

No. A vehement No. This is an unprecedented effort by Tamil computing and
communications pioneers from nearly every end of the spectrum. Naa
Govindasamy cannot do it alone. Kalyan cannot do it alone. Muthu cannot do
it alone. Prof Hart, Prof Schifmann or Vasu cannot do it alone. Ravindran
Paul or K Srinivasan cannot do it alone. Sujatha or the TNC cannot do it
alone. And it cannot be done without support from the Tamil computing and
communications pioneer user community.

If anyone could have done it by themselves (and many tried, believe me), we
would not be having this discussion.

There are many preferences, sub-preferences and flavours that have to be
swivelled, aired, coagulated and give-and-take done. That's consensus

Remember, the most important atttibute of a standard is that it is used by
the majority of the community. In the video industry, Sony Betamax was by
far a better technical standard (and still used by professional studios)
compared to JVC's VHS. Have you bought a Betamax video lately? Ask me the
history and morphology of latter process (if you want) - it's a marketing
and standards establishment classic where the giant Sony lost - and I'll
write more on it.

The credit goes to all of us. Yes, all of us. Some for leading, some for
supporting, some for giving, some for compromising, some for raising
contentious issues (so that the magnitude of lesser contentions is put into
perspective) etc.

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