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Re: [WMASTERS] Response to Kumar

Nagu wrote:

>You can see that discussions are almost nearing to the end.
>(Except for 7-bit Vs 8-bit war, which can only be decided
>by TNC based which segment they want to attack!)
>After finalizing we should really compare that with InaiMathi.
>If both are same, we should give the credit to Muthu
>for his work. Otherwise, it would be really unfair.

I apologize to the group for my ignorance.  But for a technical review of a
proposed standard, the discussions seem to be somewhat lacking in details.
I know that most of the standards comittee members are not computer
scientists but atleast some of the reviewers are.   If they have access to
detailed documentation, could they publicize them please?

I am interested in a draft proposed standard document that outlines the
goals of the proposed standard, existing standards or schemes if any,
comparative advantages and disadvantages of existing schemes,  comparison to
related standards if there are any, the proposed standard itself,
discussions on the important attributes of the standard pro and con with
dissent noted, recommended upgrade procedure from the existing conventions
to the new standard, if this is an intermediate standard any relationship
and upgrad path to a future standard, the description of the process of
technical review,  wider review, and the acceptance process.

I am not sure what the recommended process for character encoding standards
creation and acceptance by international standards bodies. But I am sure
that the standards process will include some or all of the items that I
mentioned.  So for the only thing that I have seen is the character encoding
table on Dr. Kalyan's web site with no other references.

Is there any such draft standard document on any web site that the
interested parties can review?  Muthu and Ravi being professional developers
must know what I am talking about.

Mani M. Manivannan
Fremont, CA, USA.

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