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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: glyph choices for char.encoding -version 1.2

Looks like a meaningful discussion. Just in case
Kalyan is counting to decide on issues to update
the next version of his charset gif, I wanted to
register my choices:
1) I see this effort culminating for the selection
of 8-Bit (as opposed to 7-Bit) character encoding
scheme. I also hope that an effort to register a 
8859-X standard for Tamil can be pursued from the 
results of this exercise.    
2) For practical reasons, I do see the need for the
grantha characters ja, sha, sa and ha. As for the 
other 2 grantha characters, I do not see the need 
for ksha. I have mixed feeling about sri. If we are 
not short of slots, I will vote it in.  
3) I don't see the need for the hook for old style 
lai/Lai/nai/Nai. I do not see the need for old style
Raa,naa,Naa, either.
4)My choice would be to exclude the diacritical marks
in this scheme.
5)My choice is to keep all the glyphs found in UNICODE
scheme, as you originally attempted. So this will be a 
superset, with all the additional glyphs needed for
better output with a less sophisticated rendering
engine. So I would like to bring back the glyph for
okara, Okara and aukara varisai. (Actually I would have
liked to go one step further, and even maintain the
slot positions like in UNICODE. Other indian languages 
follow these slot positions in UNICODE.But concerns about
slots 128 to 160 dissuades me.) 


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