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Re: possible slot assignments for Tamil glyphs

> Regarding the issue of slot assignments for Tamil glyphs,
> I believe that as far as slot assignments for each upper
> range glyphs, we should, at the minimum, compare them with commonly used
> symbols on the web so as to avoid using slots where symbols like
> web bullets, copyright symbol, all rights reserved symbols etc.
> occur. This belief is based on the assumption that there might
> be a lot of people who will switch on the bilingual font
> as the default base font on web browsers, which may not
> necessarily be true.
I concur on this; when we devised the Tamil Tex font at Washington
(WNTamil) we used some ascii slots that were for punctuation, so now we
have to exit the TeX environment to type a punctuation sign, and reenter
the TeX environment afterward.  This should be avoided.


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