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Re: Possible font encoding scheme-version 1.1

> Things such as tamil numerals, grantha characters, old style lai, nai,
> Ra,
> diacritical markers are all now grouped in the slots 128-159.

> But we should define the vacant slots if we choose to have some.
> Unicode schemes have many vacant slots - some are defined as
>  "free/open slots for end-user to use the way he wants" and others
>  "reserved for future revisions and hence prohibited to place anything
>   in these slots"
> In the former scenario, we can even think of "special derivative
> fonts" tailored for specific applications such as for electronic
> archiving of ancient literature and old/palm-leaf manuscripts 
> carrying additional characters that are there (to be identified).
> One possibility could be to have the old style lai/Nai, Raa etc 
> to be placed in these "user-definable" slots and hence does not form
> part of the primary font encoding scheme. 

This seems fine to me (if I'm one of those thought to be still holding out
on this).  Put the old style lai etc. and grantha letters in upper ascii
for the above purposes.  Or have them user-defined in slots reserved for
this purpose.

Hal Schiffman

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