Tamil Internet 2002 Media Release

Live Coverage of the World's Leading
Tamil Internet Conference in September 2002 by Thendral.com

Tamil Internet 2002, which focuses On E-Governance, Multimedia Content, The Digital Divide, Entrepreneurship and Technology Standards to serve more than 75 million, will be carried live by Thendral.com, the American Tamil Radio

July 25, 2002, New York - The world's leading Tamil Internet International Conference and Exhibition 2002 (Tamil Internet 2002 ) will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City, California from September 27 to 29, this year. Thendral.com announced today that it will be covering the event live over its web site.

Tamil Internet 2002 is the fifth in the conference series, which began in 1997 in Singapore. The second conference was held in Chennai in 1999, the third in Singapore again in 2000, and the last one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last year.

Centered on the theme 'Bridging The Digital Divide', this conference will focus mainly on technical, professional and business issues related to Tamil Internet and Tamil computing. The convention will consist of three components Technical conference, Exhibition and Community events. The technical conference will consist of keynote lectures and technical paper presentations by pioneers in their fields aimed at the specialists and those interested in following key development. Some of the hot topics, which will be discussed at this conference, include Digital Tamil archives, Eradicating Digital Divide, Open Source Development for Tamil, web- and multimedia -assisted learning of Tamil, E-business and E-governance. The conference is expected to draw over 200 delegates from all over the world. As part of this conference, the first-ever international competition organized by INFITT to promote Tamil content creation on the internet by school children, is also being held.

Going by the theme of the conference "Bridging the digital divide", the proceedings of the conference will be transmitted over the web and this is carried out by the American Tamil Radio, Thendral.com.

"While the previous Tamil Internet Conferences have been covered in a live mode in parts, this will be the first time the Tamil Internet Conference is transmitted live in full" said the Tamil Internet 2002 Conference's organizing committee's chairman Mr. Mani M Manivannan.

"The live broadcast will help a great deal in bringing the thoughts and the discussions carried out in this excellent conference organized by INFITT immediately. We are very proud in taking the latest in Tamil Computing into the homes and offices of Tamils all over the world" said Sivagami Ramiah, the President and CTO of Thendral.com.

People can listen to the proceedings live on September 27 - 29 in Thendral.com's web site, http://www.thendral.com using Windows Media Player.

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