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Tamil Internet 2002 Conference
27-29 Sept. 2002, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City, CA, USA

List of Papers to be presented in Oral and Poster Sessions
(Last revision 26 July 2002)

Track A: Bridging Digital Divide, E-governance, Open Source, ....

A1. E-governance - The Singapore case
Arun Mahizhnan, Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore

A2. E-governance 
Prof. M. Anandakrishnan, INFITT

A3. E-governance
Vivek Harinarain, I.A.S, Secretary to the Govt. Dept of IT, Govt of Tamilnadu

A4. E-governance (attendance not confirmed)
Prakash Damodaran, IAS, Media Lab Asia, Chennai

A5. Bridging the Digital Divide - A blueprint for deploying Linux in Tamilnadu schools 
Dr. V. Venkataramanan , Toronto, Canada

A6. Linux and Open Source in Tamil - Some Recent Developments
Dr. V. Venkataramanan, , Toronto, Canada

A7. Internationalization of Internet Domain Names (DNS)
Dr. Tan Tin Wee, National Univ. of Singapore

Track B: Tamil Implementation - Unicode 

B1. Unicode and Tamil: The State of the World
Michael S. Kaplan, Trigeminal Softwares, USA (Member, Unicode Committee)

B2. Issues in Indic Language Collation
Cathy Wissink, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA

B3. Sorting It All Out: An Introduction to Collation
Cathy Wissink (Microsoft Corporation) & Michael S. Kaplan (Trigeminal Softwares, USA)

B4. An investigation on Unicode Standards for Tamil 
Prof. M. Ponnavaiko, Tamil Virtual Univ, Chennai (Chair, Tamilnadu IT Task Force)

B5. Optimisation Techniques in Unicode Tamil Font Development
A. Elangovan, Cadgraf Computers, Chennai, Tamilnadu

B6. Glyph Choices and Techniques for Building Unicode Based Tamil Fonts
Muthu Nedumaran , Malaysia

Track C: Implementation - OS, Search Engines,....

C1. Indic Writing Systems on the Java(TM) 2 Platform
Naoto Sato, Java Internationalization, Sun Microsystems, CA, USA

C2. Indic Language Support in Oracle Systems
Shashank Shekhar, Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

C3. PONN: a Tamil Operating Environment (attendance not confirmed)
P. Prasanna Venkatesan, T. Chitralekha & P. Kuppuswami, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, India

C4. Tamil Search Engine
Baskaran Sankaran, Anna Univ- KBC Research Center, Madras Inst of Technology, India

C5. Encoding Detection in Internet Search Engines
D. Sivaraj, TN, USA

C6. TSCII Interface to Online Tamil Lexicon at Cologne
Subramanian Anbumani, Virginia Polytech. Univ, Blacksburg, VA, USA

C7. The Morphological Generator and Parsing Engine for Tamil Verb Forms
R. Dhurai Pandi, Ultimate Software Solution, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India

C8. A robust method for searching across mixed transliterated Tamil texts
K. Rajaraman, LIS, KDRL, Singapore & V.S. Senthilkumar, Array networks, CA, USA

Track D: Machine-aided Translation (MAT) of Tamil Materials

D1. An Interactive Approach to Development of English-Tamil Machine Translation System on the Web
Dr. Vasu Renganathan, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

D2. Russian to Tamil Machine Translation System at Tamil University
Dr. K.C. Chellamuthu, (former Prof. @ Tamil Univ, Tanjore), Network Appliances, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

D3. Machine Translation as related to Tamil
B. Kumara Shanmugam, Anna Univ-KBC Center for Internet Research, Madras Inst. of Technology, India

D4. The Challenges in designing English to Tamil Machine Aided Translation (MAT) Packages
R. Dhurai Pandi, Ultimate Software Solution, Tamilnadu, India

D5. Preliminaries for Digitizing the Personal Pronoun in English into Tamil (Distribution -Sensitive Machine Translation Aid (DSMTA) - A Demo Paper
Dr. S. Kamatshi, Lecturer in Linguistics studies Unit, Dept of Tamil Language, India

D6. The Morphophonemic Rule for Tamil Computing
R. Dhurai Pandi, Ultimate Software Solution, Tamilnadu, India

Track E: Optical Character Recognition, Speech/voice Recognition, ....

E1. OCR Software for Printed Tamil Text
Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy, Crescent Engg College, Chennai, India

E2. Bilingual (Tamil - Roman) Text Recognition on Windows
Aparna K G, Dhanya D and Dr. A G Ramakrishnan, Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore, India

E3. Parallel Processing in OCR - A Multithreaded approach
G L Jayavardhana Rama, Dr. A G Ramakrishnan and Devaraj Gupta, Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore, India

E4. Tamil IT: Interactive Speech Translation in Tamil
K.M. Ganesh and S. Subramanian, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India

E5. A Two Stage Classification Approach to Tamil Handwriting Recognition 
S. Hewavitharana, Department of Computer Science, University of Colombo & H.C. Fernando, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka

E6. ɢ Ģ¢ Ţ
. Ш. ʧ , , ¡

E7. Thirukkural II - A Text-to-Speech Synthesis System
P. Prathibha, Dr. A. G. Ramakrishnan, R. Muralishankar, Dept of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

E8. Web-enabled Speech Synthesizer for Tamil
P. Prathiba and Dr. A.G. Ramakrishnnan, Indian Insatitute of Science, Bangalore, India

Track F: Computer-aided Teaching of Tamil (Multimedia- or Online/Web-assisted)

F1. Tamil Teaching via Distance Learning: Achievements and Prospects for the Future
Prof. Harold F. Schiffman, Penn Language Center, Univ of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

F2. The Singapore Tamil Classroom Challenge, Teaching Strategies and Tamil Internet - Striking The Perfect Balance
Mrs. Ravindran, Chua Chu Kang Primary School, Singapore

F3. E - Learning in Tamil - The Singapore Tamil Classroom Journey
Sandi Perumal, Kranji Primary School & Mrs. Kalyani Rajendran, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Singapore

F4. ﺢ ɢ
., Ţ짼â¡ Ǣ,

F5. Ţ Ƣ -
Mohamed Shariff H.A, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent), Singapore

F6. ɢ Ƣ : â
Ө . , Ƹ,

F7. Ţ (Digital Learning in Digital Village) 
Subashini Kanagasundaram, Hewlett-Packard, Boeblingen, Germany

F8. ɢ/ Ƣ
Ө . ġ, ĸ ơá , , ¡

F9. Ƣ¡ 츽 츢 Ƣ
. š. . . áĢ , п Ţâר¡,  â, & Ţú, Ԧ, ¡, â측

F10. The usage of Tamil Softwares and Web-pages in the teaching and learning of Tamil Language in Malaysian Tamil Schools
M. Paramasivam, University Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia

F11. ¡ + Ţ Ţ = Ţ¢
. (Ģ) & . á (Ƣ ), Ƹ, ¡

F12. Learning and Teaching Languages with Internet-Web
Siva Pillai, Computer Officer, Goldsmith College, Univ of London, London, UK

F13. Videoconferencing and the Teaching of Tamil Language and Verbal Arts
Eric Miller, Doctoral Student in Tamil folklore, Univ of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

F14. Multimedia & Online resource based teaching in Tamil
Dr. M. Ponnavaiko, Director, Tamil Virtual University

F15. Literary enrichment with IT resources
Dr.A. Ra. Sivakumaran, National Institute of Education, Singapore

F16. Tamil Educational Multimedia Software Creation made Easy - An Experience"
R. Kalaimani, National Institute of Education, singapore

F17. 󨾸 ɢ Ƣ Ţ
츢â, צ Ȣ¡, , ¡


Track G: Tamil Digital Texts, E-archiving of Heritage Materials, e-publishing, ....

G1. Ц () - ź, š,
. , ɢ

G2. Prospects for Machine Translation of the Tamil Language
Prof. Frederic C. Gey, UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance
Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

G3. Unicode-Based Digital Databases for Tamil Cultural Heritage Materials
Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland & Muthu Nedumaran, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

G4. Optimisation Techniques for Scanning and Processing of Olai Chuvadis
A. Elangovan, Cadgraf Computers, Chennai, India

G5. e publishing in Tamil - Today and Tomorrow
P. Dhanapal, Minveli Media and Language Services, Coimbatore, India

G6. Syntactic Tagging of Tamil Corpus
K.Rajan, Muthiah Polytechnic College; M.Ganesan, Annamalai University and V.Ramalingam, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India

G7. Digital Archives for German-Tamil Studies with particular reference to some ancient Tamil Heritage Aspects
Dr. C.S. Mohanavelu, Presidency College, Chennai, India

G8. ɢ Ƹá Ũ - â
Mr. R. Dhurai Pandi, Ultimate Software Solution, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India

G9. Ӿ
Ө . ž & Ө . ġ, ĸ ơá , , ¡

G10. Ȣ ¡ - , ׸
Ө. . , á ȢŢ â, â, ¡


Track H: Standards for Encoding, Keyboards, Transliteration, Glossary,....

H1. Standardization of Encoding Conversion
P. Chellappan, Palaniappa Brothers, Chennai

H2. Transliteration of Indic Scripts : Implementation in ICU (International Components of Unicode) and Lessons Learned
Raghuram Viswanadha, IBM Globalization Center of Competency, San Jose, CA, USA

H3. Transliteration of Tamil to English for the Information Technology
'jAzhan' Ramalingam Shanmugalingam, San Diego, CA, USA

H4. Extensible Technologies for Writing System Implementation
Sharon Correll, SIL International, Dallas, Texas, USA

H5. ġ ,
.񧼡, .Ģ, Ƹ ú Ƣ , ¡

H6. ɢ  ȢӨȸ
. .áá, Ш,  á Ƣ Ƹ, ġ, ĺ¡

H7. ȢŢ 째
Ө á , Ƣ Ш, þ Ƹ, 


Track I: Tamil Internet - content, search, standards, ...

I1. ĸ Ǣ - Ӿ (World Tamil cyber community)
C.M. Elanttamil, (Inter Web Network) & A/P N. Selvanathan (Computer Science and IT), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I2. Ũ ȢӨĢ ź
. .áá, á Ƣ Ƹ, ġ, ĺ¡

I3. Need for Tamil Intranet
Mr. C. Sivakumar, M.S, HCL Technologies Ltd. & Ms. P. Srivalli, University of Madras, Chennai, India

I4. The Role of Subtitling to Tamil Viewers 
Dr. Chellamuthu Rajamani, Astro Vanavil Television, Malaysia

I5. Tamil Thema-Informatics through Internet
Prof. C.K. Mahadevan, Tamilnadu

Track J - Tamil Script Reform, Language evolution, & Others

J1. (á 1.12)
Ш š, ġ

J2. ĸƢǢ
Ө..ç, Ȣ â, ¡

J3. .Tamil Language and their usage in computers (attendance not confirmed) 
Prof. S. Carlos, Visiting Professor of Tamil, Univ of Warsaw, Poland

J4. Ƣ¢
.á½, , Ģɢ¡, â측

J5. Ӿ (attendance not confirmed)
. â, ɡ , , , ¡

J6. Ƣ ȢŢ Ƣ
. 츢â, צ Ȣ¡, , ¡

J7. Linguistic demands of Electronic Tamil
R. Natarajan, The Hindu, Chennai, India

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