The past Tamil Internet conferences focused mainly on academic and technical deliberations, given the urgent need to arrive at some international standards and codes. Even as this urgency continues unabated, however, with the increasing need for the spread of the Internet usage among the lay public, a special effort has to be made to use the conference as a promotional vehicle. To that end, this conference has provided for a Community Hub. Similarly, the ""ing of all businesses, regardless of size or shape, is rapidly pushing the private sector into e-commerce and this conference has developed an E-Business Hub to cater to their needs. Thus, Tamil Internet 2000 conference now has three distinct components:
  • The Conference Hub,
  • the eBusiness Hub and
  • the Community Hub.



    The Conference Hub will feature the presentation of academic and technical papers as well as panel discussions and poster displays. It will focus on arriving at some international codes, standards and agreements to advance the development of Tamil Internet and Information Technology (IT) in general. In addition, there will be a number of papers that will address issues at the cutting edge of technology that will critically affect the future. The conference will also pave the way for the setting up of a global Tamil technology community called the International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil (INFITT). 

    A detailed listing of technical presentations to be made during the TI2000 conference is now available in the Conference Hub.

    For more information, please contact: Dr K Kalyanasundaram, Chair, Conference Hub Subcommittee.

    The eBusiness Hub has been designed to attract private sector participants who are interested in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related business opportunities as well as Tamil Internet. The conference will cater to a considerable number of business leaders from India and other parts of the world who wish to explore mutual interests during the Singapore meeting. To facilitate this process, there will be a Trade Fair which will exhibit hardware and software in different aspects of ICT. There will also be exclusive arrangements for networking among business participants and designated booths for quiet business discussions.

    A special feature of the eBusiness Hub is the Job Fair which will bring together hundreds of potential employees and employers from around the world, first through the web and then in person at the conference. To facilitate this, an on-line job registry has been set up. (Please click Job Fair button on the left to register). At the conference venue, there will be special areas for registered participants' personal meetings and consultations. Singapore alone has about 20,000 Indian ICT professionals and both the government and private sector employers are seeking thousands more of foreign experts.

    For more information, please contact: Mr Mohan Das, Chair, E-Business Hub Subcommittee. Email: or

    The Community Hub has been incorporated into this conference to allow thousands of ordinary members of the public to see and appreciate the marvels of ICT. Displays of ICT-related hardware and software will showcase some of the latest in technological developments. Technologies that use Tamil and many other languages will be on display for the public to get a hands-on feel of these innovations. Many Indian civic organisations, which have been providing computer and Internet training for the community, will set up demonstration and registration counters to sign up would-be participants for their programmes. There will also be specially created infotainment programmes to spread the message of the new ICT era.

    For more information, please contact: Major S Thanaseelan, Chair, Community Hub Subcommittee. Email: