nAlAyira divya pirapantam -part Ib ( 474- 947)
(in Tamil script, Unicode/utf-8 format)-

நாலாயிர திவ்வியப் பிரபந்தம், பாசுரங்கள் 474- 947

This webpage presents the Etxt in Tamil script but in Unicode encoding.
To view the Tamil text correctly you need to set up the following:
i). You need to have Unicode fonts containing Tamil Block (Latha,
Arial Unicode MS, TSCu_Inaimathi, Code2000, UniMylai,...) installed on your computer
and the OS capable of rendering Tamil Scripts (Windows 2000 or Windows XP).
ii) Use a browser that is capable of handling UTF-8 based pages
(Netscape 6, Internet Explorer 5) with the Unicode Tamil font chosen as the default font for the UTF-8 char-set/encoding view.

C - Project Madurai 2002
Project Madurai is an open, voluntary, worldwide initiative devoted to preparation of
electronic texts of tamil literary works and to distribute them free on the Internet.
Details of Project Madurai are available at the website
You are welcome to freely distribute this file, provided this header page is kept intact.

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நாலாயிர திவ்வியப் பிரபந்தம்

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