kutiraippantaya lAvaNi
by irangkacAmi tAcan (in Tamil, TSCII format)

̾ ġŽ.

This small piece of work on the horse races in Singapore by irangkacAmi tAcan was first published in Singpore in 1893.
Our sincere thanks to the Tamil Heritage Foundation for providing us with a scanned image version of this work and permission to publish this machine-readable version of the etext as part of Project Madurai collections.
PDF and Web versions Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland

This etext has been prepared via Distributed Proof-reading implementation of Project Madurai
We thank the following for their help in the preparation of this etext:
S. Karthikeyan, V. Devarajan and Kumar Mallikarjunan.
This Etext file has the verses in tamil script in TSCII format
So you need to have a TSCII-compliant Tamil font and the web browser set to "user-defined" charset to view the Tamil part properly.
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̾ ġŽ.


Ţɡ ̾ ġŽ.


ȸ측 측 â¨Ħڨ
â â ¡ ţƢ¡ Φ
½ ħš â¡
---ã, ¡â ,
---ã, ̼ 즸 .. ɡ
š ¢ ¢̾ġŽ â섢¢
Ҹ 񼾡 ¡ɡ¦Ǣ Ш¡
â Ģ츢 ȸš ¢
¢ .


1893-ռ Ţ Ҋ ո.

ɡ§ú¢ .

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