򦾡 á ġ
"츢ơ š á "

koRRavan2kuTi umApati civAcAriyAr's
cEkkizAr cuvAmikaL purANam
(In TSCII Tamil Script)

Etext preparation, proof reading & web version N D LogaSundaram & his daughter L Selvanayagi, Chennai India. PDF and unicode version: Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland

This Etext file has the verses in tamil script in TSCII-encoding (version 1.7)
So you need to have a TSCII-conformant tamil font to view the Tamil part properly.
Several TSCII conformant fonts are available free for use on Macintosh , Unix and Windows (95/98/2000/XP/ME)
platforms at the following websites:

In case of difficulties send an email request to kalyan@geocities.com or kumar@vt.edu

Project Madurai 1999 - 2003
Project Madurai is an open, voluntary, worldwide initiative devoted to preparation of
electronic texts of tamil literary works and to distribute them free on the Internet.
Details of Project Madurai are available at the website

You are welcome to freely distribute this file, provided this header page is kept intact

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"򦾡 á ġ"
"츢ơ š á "

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