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Re: [WMASTERS] Grantha, Om


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*Selva, quoting various arguments against grantha, writes:
*>The introduction of grantha letters ( voiced stops like J)
*>  will inject needless confusions and give room for driving the
*>  wedge. How ? It is hihgly likely that some 'very intelligent'
*>  individual will "innocently" ask why can't we write 'panju' as
*>  (=86=A7=DB=EE) and argue that this way there will be 'less confusion' to
*>  our young learners.
*I would point out that Malayalam is, in some styles, the most Sanskritized
*language in India.  I once read a historical novel in Malayalam that used
*over 95% Sanskrit words.  (On the other hand, Chemmeen has fewer Sanskrit
*words than its Tamil translation.)  BUT Malayalis never write native words
*in the Sanskrit way -- "cotton" is written as in Tamil.  So why would
*anyone think Tamils would suddenly start writing Tamil words as if they
*were Sanskrit?  This is silly.

      Thanks Prof. Hart :-)

      But for Sanskritization, Malayalam would have been 
      southwestern Tamil. The relationship would have been
      similar to TN Tamils and Tamil Eelam ( not as portrayed 
      in The Hindu though).

      To counter your argument I can cite tamil word kaatchi written
      as kaakshi. In theatres the shows were written like this.
      Also, bear in mind that Tamils may not know
      what is tamil word and what is not. Not every one of the Tamils
      is an Emeneau or PaavaaNar or iLangkumaran.

      Tell me why would post the 'tamil baby names' that was posted
      in this forum sometime ago. I wish you had seen this list.
      Please don't tell me what 'anyone will do'. I've seen quite a bit.
      Why would anyone burn down Jaffna Library? Why would anyone
      ask Olaic cuvadi to be let go in kaavEri on aadip perukku ?
      Why would Caaminaatha thEsikar ridicule tamil and tamils
      and bear in mind he was not just 'anybody'. The list is quite large.. 
*On another note, the original meaning of Skt. "Om" is "yes."  There has
*been much speculation that "om" was originally a Dravidian word (Tamil
*"aam"; "om" is used for "yes" in Sri Lankan Tamil).  GH



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