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[WMASTERS] Hindu Symbols


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Srivas writes,

>I do not know the need for these chinnamhaz. But I know of many instances,
>where the "ohm" becomes a serious social issue. The Hindu religion do not
>have a common symbol, like a cross. So the modified Sanskirit begin to
>dominate where a local one is not present. Every home and evry major social
>events will be dominated by the northern sybbol instead of a southern symbol
>or a commomn symbol.

PLEASE: There is NO Sanskrit alphabet!  There is a Devanagari Om, and a
Grantha Om, and a Telugu Om, etc. etc.  All are equally Sanskrit.  Srivas
means the Devanagari Om -- I agree with him.  Why not use the Tamil/Grantha

I was at someone's house today and saw the word "Laksmi" written in many
places in Tamil.  Frankly, I do not think we should even think of getting
rid of "ks."  It has become part of the language.  If some other body
convened by the Tamil Nadu Govt. wants to do this, let them do it.  It is
not our business to try to change the language.  Otherwise, if everyone
wants to "improve" the alphabet, then let's go all the way and adopt a
Roman standard.  GH


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