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Re: [WMASTERS] Copyrights Updated


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Note additional points...

George Hart wrote:
> Boy am I confused.  Is it really possible for someone to copyright a font
> encoding scheme (i.e. what ASCII slot what Tamil glyph fits in)?  I'm
> certain it is not -- in fact, I don't think it's even possible to copyright
> a font (i.e. graphic encoding of the symbols using Fontographer or
> whatever).  Could someone clear this up?

1. You can not copyright character positions in a keyboard.
   You can know which key produces what by pressing on it.

2. You can not copyright character positions in a Font.
   You can easily see the positions with any number of public softwares

3. You can not copyright internal/intermediate storage schemes.
   It is not easy to know what they are.

4. You can not copyright how one should write Tamil in Roman,
   whether "padam" "padham", "paTam" "pattam"... The easiest
   one will prevail.

5. You CAN copyright your own font descriptions.
   Some unscrupulous copiers, will change a few dots
   and claim their own copyright. The one who did the
   drawing of the characters and converted to a font
   needs his recognition.

6. You can certainly copyright softwares and commercialize also.

7. Another point, I am not 100% sure, is whether literature older
   than 100 years can be copyrighted. I hope they can not be.
   Some one brought out a subtility. He said, if the copy has the
   same typographical errors, the one with the original errors
   can claim ownership to the errors (errors are less than 100
   years old)!!.
   So if they are error free, no chance of copyright!!
   Seriously, if you type it in, no problem.
   If you copy by a character recognition software, you are
   in trouble.
K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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