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Re: [WMASTERS] charset and grantha


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Dear Selva:

I would like to add some comments regarding the use of aq+a for
h.  You mentioned that the sound "h" can be a problem.
For that, we could be innovative and use the associated with
uyir.  For this, I will take your example itself, instead of 
trying to write Rahman as it is, we can write Rahuman
which is not too far away from it.  Similar variations can be used.

The only issue here is we should start using it and see how it
is accepted by the folks.  Maybe we can request few frequent
writers in the net to try to adpot your scheme.  I am not a frequent
write, but I will try to use it when I can.  Any new system
will work only when it gets accepted.  In the mean time, as I
always say, we should not give our backward compatibility..

> *Dear Selvakumar, Mani, Kathiravan Dr.Kalyan and others,
> *
> *My comments on the contents of your webpage:
> *
> *  1. "aq" + a = ha is an excellent idea. It comes very naturally
> *     Thats very important. Though lot of suggestions sound very
> *     logical, it should look very simple and natural for the
> *     people to adopt it. I think aq+a=ha can be successfully
> *     implemented.
>          Almost everyone feels so and I think this will be a good 
>   	substitution without too much difficulty. However, there is
>   	one catch and so far no one had pointed out. In this system,
>   	the pure consonant 'h' ( 'mey' without a vowel) will be a 
>   	slight problem, though we can simply use 'q' itself. Like 
>   	Rahman as ra_q_mA_n.
> *

Kumar Mallikarjunan, Ph.D.

Dr. Parameswarakumar Mallikarjunan                       *********
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