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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: [tamil.net] Tamil vs English


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Dr.N.Kannan wrote:
> A inferiority complex has been systematically cultivated in Tamilnadu
> against speaking Tamil.

Another possible reason, I notice is that many Tamils try to be
rather than "inclusive". Let me explain. If they find a person
speaking Tamil with a slighly different accent, they immediately
declare the person as a non-native. Instead of replying in their
own native accent, they switch to English.

In Chennai, I invariably get English answers to my Tamil questions.
However, in Cochin, I always got full answers in Malayalam to my
Tamil questions. I could understand quite a bit. If not getting
more clarification in Malayalam was quite easy. A Malayalee
explained that the usually policy in Kerala is Hindi answers
to Hindi questions, Malayalam answers to Tamil/Malayalam questions,
English answers to all others.

> When two tamils (from Tamilnadu) meet in a foreign land they generally
> begin in English.

I can understand somewhat the situation in foreign land, as some might
feel that Tamil may sound strange to the others who hear it.
Actually I would say that: When two tamils (from Tamilnadu) meet even in
the Madras city they generally begin in English. 
I have personally seen some Pondichery Tamils from France
having a terrible time in Madras, getting English reply to every one of
their Tamil Questions.

Is there any actions one can take to remedy the problem?

My response which attracts a lot of attention is:
"enakku english theriyaadhE. koncham frenchula solla
mudiyumaa?". You can try german instead :-)

K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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