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Re: [WMASTERS] Phonetics and Script.


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Dear friends,

Just following on Dr Srinivasan's posting..

>Basic rules while reading:
>1. First letter in a word is hard (k, c, t, th, p).
>2. All letters inside a word are read soft. (g, s, d, dh, b).
>3. If they are double like tta, kka etc. It is always hard.
>4. Letter following r, t, k is hard (like being doubled).
>All Tamil words come out quite nice. No mistakes like patam etc..
>They say paaradhi, pommai, which are quite comprehensible.
>The sounds that one hears in Tamil, yet do not have a
>unique symbol are just the following seven:
>consonents: g/h, s, d, dh, b
>vowels: u as in ending Kurangu
>        a as in ending alla
>Symbols for these 7 sounds will make Tamil 100% phonetic
>and facilitate learning. 

There are also variations in other vowels.  
note the difference in the vowel a in ampu (arrow) vs anpu (love)
i in thiRappu (key) vs thirudan (thief)
I in Idu (equivalent/replacement) vs Iram (wet/damp)
e in eRumpu (ant) vs eri (burn)
E in ERu (climb) vs Elam (cardamom)
ai aikaarak kuRukkam

I couldn't remember the specific rules, and figured out most of them by
saying these words.  I hope I have incorporated them correctly in the sample
text-to-sound converter.  Pls correct me if I am wrong.




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