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[WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority Complex (Was: Selvaa's suggestions)


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At 08:56 AM 9/26/97 -0400, Harold F. Schiffman wrote:

>The matters of language loyalty, language shift, linguisic purism etc. 
>constitute a complex with MANY VARIABLES, and it is of course difficult to
>say that one variable is more important than any others.  The weight of
>evidence, I believe, is that purism is counterproductive to a linguistic
>culture in the long run.  It seems to serve a purpose for some time,
>uniting people in a cultural struggle of some sort, but today, it has to
>be admitted (whether people like it or not) that SANSKRIT IS NO LONGER THE
>ENEMY.  Puristic movements also, unfortunately, tend to become one-issue
>movements, and need to single out a constant enemy to beat up on.  

Prof Schiffman,

Thank you for your insights.

I have often wondered about this Sanskrit "enemy". At the risk of causing a
flame-war - Couldn't it be put to one main cause - "purist" Tamils reaction
(defensiveness)  to a deep-seated inferiority complex?



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