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Re: [WMASTERS] charset and grantha


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C.R. Selvakumar wrote:
>     I know many must be very busy at this time, but
>     I would like to hear comments ( positive or negative or neutral),
>     if it would be possible, from Tamil Nadu Standardization Committee
>     members, Muthu, Dr. K. Srinivasan, Kalyan, Thiru Naa Govidasamy, Thiru
>     Anbarasan, Thiru Nagu Chinnasamy,
>     Mani Manivannan, Dr.N. Kannan of Germany, Dr. Anu, Dr. Sam
>     Swaminathan, and several others like Gopinath, Dr. Vasu Ranganathan
>     Dr. Kuppusamy(kalvi) et al.

Since you requested a feed back. Here it is.

1. The idea of using the aq character to generate the aspirated sounds
is good. In Kannada, symbols for chh, bh, dhh etc. are simply
the corresponding non-aspirated character with a dot on bottom. (That
also shows that they were not native to the original script.)

2. I think Phone (Fone) is already written as aq+pOn in Tamil.
I do not see any need to CREATE a new character from va with a
line superposed. Or one can Tamilize the word, France to viraancu.
Japan can be nippaan in Tamil (as in Japanese itself).

For example,
Germany is Allmagne in French, Netherland is Pays Bas, England is
Angeterre. That way England will be "aangila naadu" in Tamil,

K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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