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Re: [WMASTERS] charset and grantha


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The attempts by Selva is remarkable in trying to 
write grantha characters.  On the other hand in his
character set he is adding another grantha (?) character
for fh sound.  

I really like the idea of writing the grantha by using
"oitham".  It will take a humongous effort to train ourselves
to write in that fashion.  May be new grammer rules have to 
be built to handle these styles. 

On the other hand, having these  characters provides 
flexibility to the language to express some sounds
that are not present in the system.  So what we should
do:  Add more grantha characters (like fh) or drop all
these characters and resort for "Aitham"?

One best way is to keep these grantha characters for
transition in the character set and encourage people
to write these without grantha characters,  use alternate
Tamil words (Like Maa. Angiah's efforts) and eventually
we may one day be able to live without these extra 
characters.  Until then, we should have them.  I always
expects a backward compatibility to the earlier systems
how so ever  falty the earlier system is.  It may be 
hindering the development in rocket speed but will allow
everyone to catch-up with the development.  

Even when E.V.Ra introduced new schemes to get rid of ORNL
the T.N. Govt., did not phase out these ORNL over night.  They
allowed a time period for everyone to change and adapt to the new
system.  That is the way it should be.

Kumar Mallikarjunan, Ph.D.

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