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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4


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I kept myside mum as high level discussions (grantha characters,
ORNL, tamil numerals etc.) went on this list.  I could not be able to 
cope up with the flow of the messages with the present work load (it 
increased three fold recently due to increase in commitments).

I personally would like to congratualte Dr. Kalyan and Muthu
for this nice effort.  Also, I am extending this to all
the Webmasters List members who actively participated in this

As suggested by Dr. Srinivasan, we should proceed with this
present design.  I do not see any major flaws with this
present system otherthan the questions raised by Arunmozhi
in sorting.  But, fromt the mention by Dr. Kalyan about some 
successful sorting by Muthu, these issues might have been addressed.
Muthu, could you please explain the concept of this sorting engine.
The logic behind ordering k,ng,c,...etc after ka, nga, ca, ...etc.

> Dear Friends:
> Myself and Muthu felt that we have discussed quite a bit
> the glyph choices (tamil glyphs, granthas, tamil numerals,
> ORNL,..) that we can now go ahead and discuss a bit the
> possible slot assignments.
> Based on the email exchanges that I had with Muthu, I have
> made a new gif labelled version 1.4 and this is now
> available under the URL:
> http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5180/charset14.gif


In additional note regarding TamilNet '98, I feel
we should concentrate more on software development
in Tamil for various target users (kids, academics,
desktop publications, recreational, sports etc.). And
I hope we should have settled ourselfs with this
font encoding and keyboard issues by then.

Kumar Mallikarjunan, Ph.D.

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