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Re: Old Orthography

> >My view of the usage of the tamil numerals in the same as that
> >of unicode having these glyphs in their tamil segment/block.
> >I do not think unicode is suggesting that these tamil numerals
> >can be invoked in a routine alternative glyph display so that you
> >can do arithmatic with them in an all tamil scenario. 
> >(  I have to check it out. May be some unicode experts can
> >fill it in. ).  
> I have a feeling you are right but will say no more and leave it to the
> UNICODE experts - Kok Yong? Muthu?

I'm not an expert on Unicode either

We'll need to find out from the person(s) who proposed these Tamil
numerals to the Unicode committee/consortium....
I'll post these question to the Unicode mailing list.

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