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Re: [WMASTERS] Response to Kumar

Please roll down:

C.R. Selvakumar wrote: 
> anbuLLa Tamil.net'ters:
> At long last there is now some significant discussion going but again
> this unfortunate 'political' discussions about Grantha letters
> and a myriad other touchy issues.
> I was quite disturbed by some of the statements of Dr. Anu ( and the
> supportive tone of Mani Manivannan), and I would
> kindly ask him to be a bit more considerate. I fully understand
> the political issues, but I would vote for including the Grantha letters
> and at least 5 diacritical markers. Old style lai etc. are not at all
> needed , but tamil numerals might be useful and a case can be made.
> Unfortunately I don't have the time needed
> to put forth my views and participate in the discussions. If time permits
> I can put forth the arguments to support my viewpoints.
> Standardization is the need of the hour.
> Always keep in mind that the technology is still
> evolving at a fantastic speed. There can be hardly
> any limitations in terms of accomodating some letters etc.
> anbudan selvaa


I am of the same opinion as Dr.Selva. I am one of those "silent
majority" who speaks out now.


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