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Re: [WMASTERS] TN Govt Typewriter Layout

That pointer is to the new keyboard standard the TN govt is
proposing - *with* the grantha characters.  Doesn't this
sound like (from your definition) 'the 800 pound gorilla'
swollowing the 'political dynamite' ?



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Muthu Nedumaran <muthu@murasu.com> asked in the thread:
Response to Kumar

"A question - In the latest typewriter machines that the TN govt distributed
to a good number of govt. departments (I know this happened), are granthas
included ?  Would just prefer a straight YES or NO answer for a start :-)"

Well, the keyboard layout is available at:


All the six grantha letters are there in the top row in shift space of the
number keys.  AFAIK, that is the end of story.


Mani Manivannan
Fremont, CA, USA.


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