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Re: [WMASTERS] Jati and grantha....

	Jathi and the tamil word Sathi have absolutely no relatinship
	between them.  The fomer is Sanskrit-European origin and dthe 
	latter is pure tamil origin.  I have given detailed explanation
	on this and also I have given example from Tholkappiyam.

	I understand the need for inclusion of grnadha scripts for
	making available of Bhrathy's works adn others works too.
	But, just because we want to include some works, we can not, and 
	should not modify the language and destroy the history.  I have 
	said it clear that the history should not be rewritten that
	tamil originated from Sanskrit and giving existance of the grandha 
 	scripts of sanskrit phonems and words in Tamil as the proof of it.
	Here I saw people like Mr. Hart, and another who wrote about
	Sathi in dravidian race giving example from Tholkappiyam.  The misentry
	of some poems and a few line in some poems gave rise to this argument.
	Had those lines been removed in time, this misinterpreation would
	not have a root now.  As no body had all the poems of orginal 
	Tholkappiyam, some prints have these added poems added by some
	individuals with vested interest.  I am sure of their evil mind
	in repainting tamil culture and civilization to their taste.
	There are many tamil scholars who have done excellent reseacrh on 
	this topic.  Please those who are going to do any service to tamil
	please rerad those works and understand what tamil is.  With very
	limited time available to me I can not write more on these.
	When I wrote the reply to Dr. Kalyan's writings, I forgot to feed the
	cells that I purified from human spleen.  I am trying to rescue
	as much as I can.  I can not live on the net to teach those works
	that I started to learn form 7 years old boy.  That was the first 
	time I got first prize in inter-school oratorial competion.  Since
	then I have read about 5000 books of my village library and walked
 	about 5-7 miles to three other neighbouring towns to read books.
	When my fellow friends of my age group were playing games I lived
	in libraries.  One needs enormous interest to do such a think.
	In tamil 40 years reading is nothing.  There is more to learn
	and research.
	It is not self boasting, but I am writing about how much time it 
	would need one to learn the richness of tamil. There many 
	thousand tamil scholars who are more knowledgeable than me.  
	Therefore I do not claim that I am an expert in tamil literature.

	Coming back to the importance of grandha scripts, I want to make 
	clear again that Tamil never depended on grandha for its survival 
	and growth.  Also transliteration is not at all a solution for
	a language growth in Science and Technology.  In naming a group of
	kinases a family has been named as JAK family.  The person
	who discovered first member in this family do not know what it 
	does and how he can name it.  All that he knows is that it is a
	kinase.  Therefore he simply named it Just Another Kinase.  If this
	term is transliterated using tamil script as "sAk" or grandha
	script "jAk" it does not matter.  In fact transliteration may 
	eventually lead to the death of a language.  After a few decades,
	the words of the original language would become minimal and hence
	one can not even believe the very existance of such a language.
	The tough job facing tamils is coining new words.  Science
	grew in the last couple of decades enormously fast and hence every
	language other than english faces almost similar situation like 
	tamil.  Fortunately, there are excellent scientists and engineers
	in tamil community as much as any other community has.  I do not
	want to boast that this community is also a brilliant community
	like a few others.  I have written much on this topic.

	In writing science we almost end up using greek scripts.  In 
	every one of my science articles I published in international 
	journals I have used more than one greek scripts.  It is inevitable.
	Even after the inclusion of grandha scripts one can not avoid
	using those greek scripts if any one wants to write science in 
	tamil.  Because we have to follow the international conventions.
	How are we going to do that?  By including those greeak scripts
	in tamil slots?  No, that is not necessary.  In tha same way
	one can find a space for grandha, brahmi and ancient dravidian
	scripts and place them.  Who ever wants to use those scripts,
	As Mr. Hart wants to put Bharathy's wonderful works can use
	those scripts.

	All that I object is to iclude grantha into tamil slots.  That would
	give a very wrong opinion that grandha scripts are aprt of tamil
	scripts.  I have on objection to include grandha scripts anywhere,
	possibly, in a place which is allotted to hindi.  But not wioth tamil.
	I do not want another person to say that tamil could not have survived
	without grandha scripts or without Bharathy's works.

	I have enormous love for Bharathy.  That is why I have not 
	entered into attacking his tingleskrit poems. His works are
	worse but his love for tamil is simply superb.  I have enormous
	regards for him.  But for him, now many people would not even
	thing of writing tingleskrit poems.  He paved the way for it.
	And it resulted in "Take it easy Urvasi".
	It is tamil's feeling, self respect, pride, hstory, culture,
	civilization, right to live, right to own at least a piece of
	land in the so called geographical location India are all
	attached to it.  I can foresee what my foreparents failed
	foresee when tamil was sanskritised by a handful of people
	so silently and so efficiently.

	May I be singled out in this effort, I do not care.  I will
	take every possiblity to resist this, at all rounds, starting
	from Tamil.net to seeing such a thing becomes a law in the
	land of tamilnadu.  As a tamizan living in thistime zone it
	is my duty to save my language as it is every other tamizan's.
	If they don't want to do it that is fine.


On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, George Hart wrote:

> Jaati is of well-known Indo-European derivation, with the Sanskrit root jan
> from IE *gen.  This has given Greek genos (>English geneology) and Latin
> genus.  It is also the source of English kin.  There is not the slightest
> doubt of this -- comparative linguistics is as much a science as physics.
> In any event, if the proposed standard does not include grantha letters
> (including ks and sri), I cannot use it.  I want to put Bharathiyar's works
> on the net, and those characters are necessary.  George Hart
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