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Re: Latest font scheme from Kalyan

I fully support George's suggestion.  Maybe we should *default* the
current discussion to having just the *present* set of characters
for Tamil (including the grantha's of course) and dropping the old
style chars and diacs.  Discussions can continue on why we *should*
have them instead.

Unless we *cannot* find a technical *process* in rendering transliterated
or old styled na-la-ra from the *current* form - which I suggest we adopt
as the *only* form of storing Tamil electronic text - we should avoid them
in the encoded character set.

Once we accept this, research can continue on *how* we render Tamil text
in those formats (which by the way I agree is neccessary ;-)).

Comments ?


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Kalyan's  font scheme (http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5180/charset12.gif )
looks good to me.  My only suggestion: no options for diacritical markers
for old-style characters.  Let's make the set invariant so that everyone
HAS to use the same thing.  In any case, let's finalize something so we can
get on with putting important stuff up on the Net (the Tamil Lexicon is
ready to go once we get a standard.  Same with Bharathiyar's works). George

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