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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: glyph choices for font encoding-version 1.2

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997 nagu@ncms1.cb.lucent.com wrote:

> > Just a few quick responses to the points you raised:
> > i) The suggestions to include the copyright and registered mark signs
> > came from Mr. Leong Kok Yong of IRDU unit, NUS, Singapore.
> > Prof. Schiffman pointed out that if we add a few of these special
> > characters, it would avoid unnecessary changing the font back 
> > and forth.
> I accept the need for them. Thats the main reason I am asking for
> leaving them empty (Not occupying them with some other letter).
> Leaving them empty gives the chance for others to put their own
> special characters.

If you need other symbols to be represented, it needs to goto their
respective places in ISO-8859-1 (ASCII). By putting other symbol in the
place where the copyright sign is known to the whole world as code point
169 in ASCII, web pages (or rather most English web pages) with copyright
sign will be replaced by the symbol you substituted in its place.

Just wondering what other symbols do you have in mind?
We can discuss them on the lists.

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