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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: glyph choices for font encoding-version 1.2

I suggest the following improvements:

1. We can drop the 'ksha' character.  The 'ae' in Caesar is not a single
character in any encoding scheme.  It can be replaced with  ik + sh ('').

2. It would be nice to have the uyir ezhuthukkaL followed by mey
ezhuthukkal without a break. The grantha characters and the glyphs can be
moved to the 141 to 170 positions.

3. The 'ik ing' series should precede 'ka nga' series. (Uyir followed by
Mey followed by Uyir-Mey seems logical).

Is there a reason why the nju, njuu, ngu, nguu characters are orphaned?

 . ׯ

Mani M. Manivannan
Fremont, CA, USA.

    ݍ -   Only a sculptor knows a sculpture's flaws

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