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Re: definitions of glyphs, modifiers and characters

Yes, i agree with that too....

The 3 glyph at 147,148,149 are quite redundant.

Current true-type font technology will require you to represent these
characters as three bytes, when you convert from Unicode to the proposed
8-bit codeset.

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Dr.K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:

> The unicode modifiers for okara and Okara are difficult
> to implement in tamil fonts even using kerning techniques 
> and so in fonts will require totally three glyphs.
> In tamil font text <---> unicode text conversion,
> the sequence of glyphs are first searched, tagged
> and then interchanged.
> Kalyan
> PS:  Muthu, if you agree with the above definitions, then
> there is no need for the (okara, Okara, aukara) glyphs shown
> in slot positions 147-149 of versions 1.1. Correct?

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