Project Madurai - CSV to HTML converter

This page allows you to enter Project Madurai's list of works table in CSV-format and convert it to HTML format for use in Project Madurai. (Based on Daniel Kinzler's PHP code; adapted for Project Madurai by S. Anbumani.)

Use the current version of PM works (in CSV format, with UTF-8 text). Download current version; open using Notepad; copy all data and paste it below.

Paste CSV Data:

Separator Character:
Semicolon (";")
Comma (",")
Quotation Characters:
Double-Quote ('"')
Quotes ('"' and ''')
for the table:
for each cell:
file-path prefix:
Output Encoding:

csv2wp Version 0.1.1, (C) 2004 by Daniel Kinzler, GNU-GPL; Source Code